Pictures from Dressage Clinics with
Spanish Riding School Bereiter Herbert Seiberl

Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center July 8 - 10, 2007

Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center
First riding center built especially for the purpose of serving the disabled in the U.S. The Cheff Center serves riders of all ages who have physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities.  Thanks to everyone at Cheff who helped to make the clinic a comfortable and friendly environment for riders and auditors!

Visit www.cheffcenter .org for more information.

Some of the riders from the Cheff Clinic: L-R Hilary Clayton, Barb Saunier, Bereiter Herbert Seiberl, Ann Belth, Brad Cutshall on Pointjack, Sydney Bartson, Sue Baker, Mary Valentine, Nancy Kincaid, clinic organizer Jorie Sligh.

Herbert, Nancy & Dior working on tempis

Herbert & Brad (on Pointjack) sharing a laugh before the lesson.

Lyn and Xander concentrating!

ADA “Rapport” editor and Board Member Barb Saunier with Felice (busy getting sugar from Herbert).

Sue listens intently as Herbert explains a concept after riding Sue’s mare, Donnerfleur.

Herbert, Hilary, and Magic happy after great work on tempis, passage, and piaffe.

Herbert adjusts Ann’s leg during a lesson while Shikos checks out the auditors.

Jet listens as Herbert explains a concept to Suz.

Cheff Kitties coveting Kate’s snack during lunch break

Kitty soaks up dressage with Cheff Center Barn Manager Mara & fellow auditors.

Julie, Herbert, and Magi before their lesson.

Herbert stops to talk with Mary and Annie, who are enjoying lunch in front of the Cheff Center.

Herbert, Cheff Executive Director Tara, and Steve - AKA the Eastfork Triplets - at Steve and Tara's Eastfork Farms for lunch.

Cheff Clinic riders and guests enjoying the Riders' Dinner with Bereiter Seiberl.

Ann and Shikos

Herbert aids from the ground while Brad and Pointjack fine-tune piaffe.

Steve watering the arena with his expert touch during the lunch break!