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Dressage Clinic with
Spanish Riding School Bereiter
Herbert Seiberl
at Blue Water Dressage Stables
July 12 - 14, 2007

Pam, Bud, Jorie, Herbert
Blue Water Dressage Stables owners Bud and Pam Atkinson, Bereiter Seiberl and clinic organizer Jorie Sligh,
tired but happy at the end of the clinic!
Pam and Herbert
Herbert and Pam discussing Herbert's schooling session on Pam's stallion, Sam (Pluto II Samara)
Herbert and Ivan
Ivan, Herbert, and Mirage
Blue Water Riders
Blue Water Clinic Riders
Herbert, Jorie and Bran working on piaffe
Herbert helping Jorie and Brandenberg with piaffe

Leslie works on developing the collected canter as Herbert coaches her on how she can improve it
Wendy and Herbert
Wendy and Herbert have plenty to smile about, enjoying improvement made since the clinic in January '07
Herbert and Tracy
Tracy, Oscar, and Herbert celebrating a good lesson, and Oscar's first time away from home!
Herbert and Pam working on piaffe
Herbert, Pam, and Sam practice piaffe
Goody table
Temps were wonderful - in the low 70s - but the riders still needed their water following the lessons!
Shades of kindergarten...
Janelle and Bavarian girl in her drink
Janelle displays the Bavarian girl decorating her dessert
Janelle and Herbert preparing to work on piaffe
Janelle, Seville, and Herbert prepare to school passage and piaffe
Herbert and Carol
Herbert demonstrating a concept to Carol
Janelle and Herbert
Janelle, Herbert, and Seville following a great lesson!
Herbert and Birgit
Herbert, Birgit, and Saumur, who poses for the camera!
Goody table!
Good, and so good for you...
Herbert and Elise
Herbert, Elise, and Atlas
Herbert, Tracy, Leslie, Sue
Tracy, Sue, and Leslie talking with Herbert during a break
Carol, Fabiola and Herbert
Carol, Fabiola, and Herbert
Riders' Dinner
Riders' Dinner with Herbert at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI
Herbert and Jorie - piano duet
Herbert and Jorie doing a piano duet
Herbert giving Branden sugar
Herbert and Jorie give Branden lots of sugar
after working so hard!
Herbert, Pam, Bud, and Tracy with
some of Tracy's students and friends
Ivan and Julie
Ivan and Julie at the Riders' Dinner
Herbert and Fabiola
Herbert giving Fabiola sugar following their ride
Riders' Dinner
Riders' Dinner at Frankenmuth
Herbert, Pam, Bud, Jorie, Tracy telling Oscar
what a good boy he was!
Leslie and Grandiella in shoulder-in
Leslie and Grandiella in Shoulder-in
Herbert and Rita
Herbert, Rita, and Regal enjoying the beautiful weather!



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