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Thank you!
...to the many businesses and individuals who have contributed to the success of SRS dressage clinics held at the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center in Augusta, MI (www.cheffcenter.org). These clinics raised funds for the Cheff Center and also brought the finest classical dressage instruction in the world from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria to Michigan.

Below are supporters of the Cheff Center SRS Dressage Clinics:

- Dover Saddlery for the rider & auditor gift certificates

- Nicki and John Arendshorst, MD, Holly Palmer Cheff, Dover Saddlery, Intervet, and Farnam for the raffle, rider & auditor goody bag donations

- Sligh Furniture Co for the donation of the printing of the program

- Tara East for her hospitality in hosting SRS Bereiters Marius Schreiner, Herbert Seiberl, Rudi Rostek, and Jorie as well as holding the the Patron Reception at beautiful Eastfork Farms

- Kim Henning, certified Massage therapist & Equestrian, for Saturday's fabulous presentation on common muscular problems and how to fix them to improve one's riding

- The wonderful staff and volunteers at the Cheff Center who helped make this clinic run smoothly and kept it fun for everyone.

Listed below are the names of the clinic Patrons and Friends, as well as links to Sponsor websites.

Brenda Aloff
Nicki & John Arendshorst
Julie Arkison
Pam Atkinson
Karen & Craig Barsuhn
Cathy Bruinsma
Barbara Buck
Holly Palmer Cheff
Banba and John Donnelly
Tara East
Elise Freed
Ronnie Haldane
Linda Heiny
Aislin Jahnke
Sarah & Jim Lilly
Gail McIntyre
Sarah and Jack Michael
Barbara Muller
Peg & Jeff Padnos
Jeanne & Marc Schupan
Jorie & Rob Sligh
Leslie, Laura, and Jack Sligh
Mary Valentine
Emma Zinn










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