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USDF University Accredited Dressage Clinic with
Spanish Riding School Bereiter
Herbert Seiberl
sponsored by Midwest Dressage Association
Blue Water Dressage Stables
July 19 - 22, 2008

Jorie and Brandenberg, Pam Atkinson's gelding
(Mary Decker photo)

Elise & Atlas

Auditors and riders with their $20.00 Dover Gift Certificates! Bereiter Seiberl, far right;
riders: Alicia Byberg-Landman - left; Marilyn LeFeber, right

pam and sam
Pam and Pluto II Samara ("Sam")
Branden and Leslie take a bow!

jamie herbert
Jamie - who travelled from Texas to ride with Herbert - Herbert, and Grandiella (owned by Pam Atkinson) following a great lesson (Nancy Chamness photo)
Brenda and Herbert
Melissa and B.J.
Madira chooses colors as Suzanne names them
one by one

Janelle and Seville work on passage with
Herbert's help from the ground
Jorie and Branden working on tempis
leslie jorie
Sugar for Grandiella, water for Leslie!
(Nancy Chamness photo)!

Elise & Atlas in shoulder-in while Herbert coaches

Mary and Herbert following a schooling ride
usdf sign
L-R: Bud, Leslie, Pam, Jorie, Herbert

Herbert explains a concept to Melissa
Jamie trot
Jamie and Grandiella

"I have a little shadow, that goes in and out with me... "

Madira, Suzanne, and Herbert (Suzanne and Madira being very lady-like and elegant!)

mda group
L to R; Bud, Pam, Herbert, Jorie, and MDA Board member Tom Bird
leslie bran
Leslie and Brandenberg
Herbert and Brenda discuss aids while Topper listens in

Alicia, Rejoyce, and Herbert after a schooling ride

Ivan and Miragefocusing on tempis

Herbert on Lorna's gelding, Worthwhile
Worthwhile & some clinic riders: Lorna, Pam, Ronnie, Ivan, Suzy, Mary, Leslie, Elise, & Jorie



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